Reason to Give


Headquartered in Humboldt Park, Reason To Give focuses on the immediate needs of the neighborhood: the business owners, the organizations, the congregations, the schools, the families, the elderly and the youth. We believe in the people of this community: your lives, history and culture are our inspiration.

Think about your organization, your business, your organization, your classroom, yourself or someone you care about. What's needed most?

  • New gym shoes or a winter coat
  • School supplies or books
  • A computer
  • Furniture or bedding
  • Small or Large Appliances
  • Or tell us your individual need and we'll work with you

Download an Application

Individual | Business, School, Organization

Working directly with cultural centers, churches, community organizations and our neighbors, Reason To Give serves the citizens of Humboldt Park—everyday, all year round.

Qualifying participants must be willing to share their story/need on our website. Please download an online application today. They're simple to understand and take just a few minutes to fill out. You can email it back to us or send it in the mail. You can also call us at 773.489.3439 and request an application be sent by mail. Be sure to tell us about your need and whether you prefer to be contacted in English or Spanish.

We promise there are no strings attached. We can't wait to hear from you.

100% donated