Reason to Give

Humboldt Park is a neighborhood where art, social activism and community development intersect everyday.

Although synonymous with Puerto Rican Chicago, Humboldt Park is a large and diverse community; home to other Latinos, African Americans and a small, but growing, white population.

In fact, for more than three decades, greater Humboldt Park has been a racially mixed community, with people living and working together—sharing schools, congregations, language, music, culture and traditions—and in many cases, struggling together for social justice.

Reason To Give believes Humboldt Park can (and should) remain the center of Puerto Rican culture—much like Pilsen for Mexicans and South Shore for African Americans—while continuing to grow as a strong, multi-racial, mixed-income community.

Cultura y Communidad
Everyday neighborhood life is punctuated by the exciting sites and sounds of several cultural events throughout the year including El Día de los Reyes (Three Kings Day), the Puerto Rican People's Parade and Fiesta Boricua

Fiesta Boricua images © 2008 The Juan Antonio Corretjer Puerto Rican Cultural Center.
La Casita de Don Pedro image © 2007 Chicago Real Estate / Dream Town.

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