Why not support Elaine by giving whatever you can

Elaine's Story

Elaine, 49, is the mother of 2 adult boys and 2 teen girls. She currently works in a laundry facility at a nursing home. Elaine has worked different jobs all of her life. She really enjoys helping others, including her mother whom she cared for over the past few years. 

Elaine's Goals

Elaine's ideal life is simple: good career, home, marraige, and family. She is set on becoming an RN one day, but first she needs to get her GED. Elaine is excited about Reason to Give and says you're never too old to go after your dreams. No matter how long it takes; she's not giving up.

How You Can Help

By supporting Elaine, you will help Reason to Give provide her with the skills and resources she needs to get her GED, enroll in a nursing program, and start saving for a house.