Help Jenny launch her business

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Jenny's RTG Story

Jenny joined Reason to Give with the hopes of doing more with her life. She was already working full time and raising two children own her own, but she had dreams of starting her own business and becoming more financially stable. Jenny has a strong drive, but she needed a little extra push to force her to take the leap and turn her hobby into an income generating business. Jenny worked very hard at Reason to Give, she completed all the homework assignments and was always early to class. She will be returning to Reason to Give in the fall and bringing a friend to share her experience. 

Jenny's Success Story

Our final class on entrepreneurship propelled Jenny to officially launch her party decorating business, and start charging for services that she had been offering for free up until now. She is extremely excited about her new endeavor, and we are hoping we can help her as much as possible. Reason to Give is on a mission to provide Jenny with the start up materials she needs to get “Jen-Jen’s Party Decor” up and running.  She has also been looking into taking business classes at the community college.

How You Helped

The volunteer facilitators and Reason to Give staff were instrumental in Jenny's success story. Now we are hoping to go one step further and help Jenny with the materials and funds she needs to launch her business.