Why not support Jocelyn by giving what you can

Jocelyn's Story

Jocelyn, a single mother of 3 teens and a 6 year old, knows the struggles of being a young mom and leaning on others for support. She also knows what it is to be the supporter. After over a decade of working in social services, helping others get on their feet, she's decided it's time to give back to herself. Jocelyn is taking the skills she's learned from years of service and her passion for helping women and children, and channeling them all into achieving her life's dream. Jocelyn joined Reason to Give to push herself to her next level of success.

Jocelyn's Goals

Jocelyn's first priority is to finish her nutrition classes and doula and midwife training. She is counting on Reason to Give to help her gain the skills and resources she needs to achieve her ultimate goal of starting her own holistic clinic. She plans to have a home in Oak Park with a guest house and a garden where clients can visit for onsite support. She will offer services ranging from nutrition counseling to yoga to holistic wellness.  

How You Can Help

By supporting Jocelyn you will help Reason to Give provide her with the training and resources she needs to achieve her dream. Jocelyn is also grateful for any donations of exercise equipment, cooking supplies, gardening tools and plants to help her get started.