Why not support Madeline by giving whatever you can

Madeline's Story

Madeline is a proud grandmother and active member of her church's food pantry and shelter. She has struggled with her health a great deal, undergoing multiple knee surgeries and suffering from strokes. Since she doesn't work, Madeline feels it is her duty to give back to the most underserved in her community. 

Madeline's Goals

Madeline is a long time member of Reason to Give. Her goal is to make new connections in the community and acquire all the knowledge she can to become a resource for the homeless and victims of domestic violence. Through her church, she plans to counsel women and teach them what she learns in our classes. She is also interested in starting an online business one day. 

How You Can Help

By supporting Madeline, you are not only helping her gain knowledge and resources, but you are also supporting the many people Madeline will pass her knowledge on to. Madeline is always looking for donations of warm clothing and other essentials for the people she serves.