Why not support Maria by giving whatever you can

Maria's Story

Maria, 41, is married with two children.  She attended Wright College and then UIC for her BA in Criminal Justice. Before she could finish, her mother became severely ill and Maria had to drop out. She spent most of her adult life as the primary care taker for her parents, both of whom have passed on. She has no regrets about giving up many of her own dreams for her parents, and now knows what she wants to do for the rest of her life. 

Maria's Goals

Although Maria originally went to college to be a youth probation officer, she now wants to go into the medical field. She knows that with her lived experiences, she can bring empathy and compassion to patients and their families. Maria is determined to finish her degree and make something of her life. She is also planning to have weight loss surgery and lead a healthier lifestyle so she can be there for her children as they grow into adulthood. Maria is very dedicated to putting 100% into the Reason to Give program.

How You Can Help

By supporting Maria, you will help Reason to Give provide her with a laptop and the skills to use it; help her save money and transfer into a program in the medical field where she can finish her degree.