Why not support Myriam by giving what you can

Myriam's Story

Myriam is currently working as an activity aide for the elderly. She is married with two girls. Spending most of her adult life raising children and working, she hasn't had a lot of time to focus on herself and her future. Myriam joined Reason to Give because she knows how important it is for her to accomplish her career goals, not only for her own happiness and stability, but also to be a positive role model for her daughters. She's now motivated and ready to start the second phase of her life. 

Myriam's Goals

Myriam's ultimate professional goal is to become a nurse. She would like to work in a hospital setting with older youth. She plans to complete her CNA training this year and eventually become a RN. Myriam wants to be self-sufficient, have a career she enjoys and that pays well enough for her to provide for her family, own a home, and get a new car. 

How You Can Help

By supporting Myriam you will help Reason to Give provide her with the skills and resources she needs to go back to school to become a nurse.