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Why reinvent the wheel? Cooking Matters has a national track record of success, and we want our families to reap the benefits. For more information on the proven sucess of Cooking Matters please visit theiir website

Reason to Give has now become a satellite host for Cooking Matters, offering our students a 6 week healthy cooking and living program. We believe strongly that success in life starts at home. Reason to Give has been offering healthy living on a budget classes as part of our 20 week life skills program for years. Now, Reason to Give graduates and incoming students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in an intensive program to help them lead healthier lives. Students will learn to shop healthy on a budget, cook nutrient rich foods, increase their understanding of nutrition and fitness, and gain all the tools to live healthy. Graduates of the 6 week program will go home with a Cooking Matters workbook, hundreds of healthy recipes, and a grocery bag full of nutrient dense ingredients. 

That's not all! In addition to our Adult Cooking Matters program, we will also be offering the same 6 week course to our youth students! Reason to Give youth will learn how to make their own healthy snacks and meals, how to identify healthy foods, and why nutrition and physical activity are important for their futures. We are very excited to start this program and have 40 students signed up for round one! Reason to Give Cooking Matter's classes begin April 2017. 

How You Can Help

Your donations will help Reason to Give provide the 6 week Cooking Matters program to our families. We need food, cooking materials, and groceries for the students. Give now and help our families get healthy!