Why not support Susana by giving whatever you can

My Story

Susana came to Reason to Give because she wanted to go back to school for her MBA and advance her career, so that she didn't have to continue to work two jobs. She graduated from DePaul with a BA in accounting and currently works full time in her field. She also works a part time job on the weekends in retail. Through Reason to Give, Susana learned how to better manage her time and money in order to continue her education. 

My Goals

While in the program, Susana wants a job that will allow her to provide for her family, buy a home, and have enough left over for the fun stuff, such as taking a vacation. Susana's plan is to get her CPA, and then go for her Master's in accounting. Susana is motivated and hard working. She just needs a little help figuring out how to be superwoman and get it all done. 

How You Helped

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