Why not support our Back to School event by giving whatever you can

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On August 20, 2013, Reason to Give partnered with Kits for Kidz and World Vision to provide each of our students with a year's worth of school supplies and new backpacks. Thanks to our loyal donors and hard working volunteers, we were able to give our students a great start for the new school year.

Reason to Give recognizes that children can never reach their full potential in school if they lack the necessary tools to learn. Every year we host a back to school event for all Reason to Give families, past and present, providing youth with everything they need to go back to school. Reason to Give parents and children look forward to the event each August and depend on the supplies we provide.

This year, we give special thanks to our donors, who donated enough money to ensure that every student received a kit and backpack. We also give special thanks to our volunteers, who dedicated their time to ensure that the event was again a great success.