Why not support our community by giving whatever you can

Women Living with Hope is putting their $1000 gift card from Reason to Give's 2009 annual holiday drive to good use to drive to make a difference in the lives of youth in Humboldt Park.

Women Living With Hope provided Duprey Elementary School students with school supplies for the current 2009 school year. These supplies are vital for students' growth and development in school.

They also used part of the gift card to take a group of their youth to see the Harlem Globetrotters perform. The youth all received autographs and took pictures with the players. It was a nice holiday treat for everyone. 

In January 2010, Women Living with Hope also used part of the gift card money to purchase new clothes for a student at Von Humboldt School who's home burned downrecently. Without renter's insurance, the family was left with nothing. They also purchased shoes for a student at Clemente Highschool, who's parents are both struggling to find work.

In April 2010 Reason to Give delivered 17 sheet sets to Women Living with Hope.  Women Living with Hope distributed the sheets to five families in Humboldt Park who were making do without.

On June 4th 2010 Women with Hope received free tickets for a  Parent Field Trip to the museum of Science and Industry for the parents of students from Duprey Elementary in Humbolldt Park.