Help Rene continue on his journey to finding employment

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Rene's Story

Rene came to Reason to Give because he wanted to learn what options were available to him and how he could be the best role model for his children. Rene has had to overcome many obstacles in his life and continues to fight for his and his family's future. He suffers from Bipolar disorder, which has kept him from doing many of the things he wants to do. Rene says being a part of Reason to Give and being surrounded by positive, supportive people has changed him a lot. He has learned about things that he didn't even know existed. Reason to Give opened doors for Rene, and showed him many new possibilities for his life. 

Rene's Goals

Rene's were to grow as a person and be a better role model for his family. Rene gained communication and networking skills and graduated from Reason to Give less introverted and with a greater support system. He learned a lot about parenting and healthy living. Rene plans to continue his pursuit of personal growth by joining Reason to give's Parenting and Cooking Matters programs. Armed with his first resume and new computer skills, Rene is also currently seeking employment.

How You Helped

The dedication of the volunteer facilitators allowed Rene to learn so much over the past 5 months. He feels that he is now prepared to take his goals to the next level.