Help Carimar continue to grow her business

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Carimar's RTG Story

Carimar, our longtime dedicated student, has now completed her fourth year at Reason to Give. We have seen Carimar grow from a struggling young mom, once homeless and worried where her family’s next meal would come from, to a powerhouse of a woman, self-confident and self-made. Carimar and her partner Luis run a successful small landscaping business. Carimar enrolled in Reason to Give this year with the intent to build on everything she had already learned, to take her business to the next level, and to pursue her individual educational and professional goals. She felt her experience this year was the most beneficial so far and is grateful for the friendships and connections she has made. Carimar plans to attend Reason to Give classes again in the fall. 

Carimar's Success Story

Armed with a stellar new resume, Carimar has had several interviews for jobs and is excited about what the future will bring. She plans to take business and construction management classes at the community college, and is ready to start promoting and expanding her business. We couldn’t be more proud of this young woman and all her personal growth and professional accomplishments we’ve been witness to. We’re excited to have her back again next term. 

How You Helped

Our generous donors and volunteers have been the security net that has lifted Carimar and her family up to where they stand today. We are so grateful for all the love our loyal supports have shown this young family over the years.